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Vestige head

Vestige head

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Be sure to wait for the different options to load (material, GAP, etc.) before adding to the basket.

Discover the art of refined shaving with our Vestige Razor head, a single-edged razor accepting GEM type blades, available in titanium, stainless steel or brass. Its futuristic and elegant design, combined with its customizable character, makes it a preferred choice for lovers of traditional shaving. The razor benefits from innovations such as a design optimized for lightness, large recesses and a very low gap on the base plate, ensuring safety, efficiency and unrivaled foam evacuation. With the Vestige Razor Head, transform your daily ritual into a moment of sophistication.


Classic GAP = 0.19 blade exposure = 0.00 mm
Medium GAP = 0.25 blade exposure = 0.05 mm
Superior GAP = 0.32 blade exposure = 0.10 mm
Ultra GAP = 0.40 blade exposure = 0.15 mm

Note that the GAP is not representative of the efficiency due to the particular geometry of this razor.

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