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Atelier DURDAN

Head Number 7

Head Number 7

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Razor Head Number 7

Description: Discover the Number 7 Razor Head, a centerpiece of the Number 7 razor by Atelier Durdan. Designed with precision and passion, this razor head embodies our commitment to quality and innovation. Combined with our Number 7 razor handle and holder, it forms a premium shaving set, but can also be used with other handles from our workshop for those who wish to personalize their shaving experience.

Features :

  • Technology inspired by La Faulx: Enjoy a deep cut without cutting, for a clean and precise shave.
  • Le Maurice-inspired blade tightening: Guarantees powerful blade tightening, eliminating vibrations for a more comfortable shave.
  • Weight in stainless steel version: 25g, ensuring perfect balance when combined with the Number 7 handle.
  • Premium materials: Available in stainless steel, brass, titanium, bronze and copper, each razor head is built to last and stand the test of time.
  • Finishes: Choose from machined, sandblasted, basic polished, premium polished or medieval finishes for a custom look.

Technical Details: The GAPs and blade exposures of N°7 are designed to satisfy all shaving profiles:

  • GAP 0.3 mm : blade exposure -0.12 mm
    • Very gentle: Ideal for daily shaving. Perfect for sensitive skin and to prevent irritation.
  • GAP 0.5 mm : blade exposure -0.05 mm
    • Soft: Also suitable for everyday use, providing a little more blade feel while remaining very comfortable.
  • GAP 0.7 mm : blade exposure +0.01 mm
    • Balanced: An excellent compromise between gentleness and effectiveness. Suitable for those seeking an efficient shave with moderate blade feel.
  • GAP 0.9 mm : blade exposure +0.07 mm
    • Effective: For those who prefer a deeper shave with a more pronounced blade feel. Ideal for frequent use with a little more robustness.
  • GAP 1.1 mm : blade exposure +0.13 mm
    • Very effective: Provides a deep and smooth shave. Perfect for those looking for increased efficiency without compromising on comfort.
  • GAP 1.3 mm : blade exposure +0.18 mm
    • Aggressive: For experienced users who want a very close and clean shave. Ideal for less frequent but very precise shaves.
  • GAP 1.5 mm : blade exposure +0.23 mm
    • Very aggressive: Designed for exceptional mornings where a very close shave is necessary. Provides maximum blade feel for an ultra-smooth result.

Creation Trivia: The Number 7 razor is not just another addition to our collection. Every detail has been carefully thought out and tested. The idea for the beetle-shaped head came during a nature walk, where we observed the perfection of natural shapes. In addition, the Occitan cross engraved on the top cap is a tribute to our beautiful region, Occitanie, and to our commitment to our roots and our artisanal heritage.

Why choose the Number 7 Razor Head? True to our values ​​of respect and loyalty, this razor head is manufactured with the greatest care, using the best materials to guarantee unrivaled quality. For the best experience, pair it with the Number 7 razor handle and holder.

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