Le Maurice

Le Maurice: the very first razor from Atelier Durdan, paying tribute to my beloved grandfather. This double-edged safety razor easily combines ease of use and unparalleled performance. It is aimed at both beginners and enthusiasts, and offers a wide range of customization for a razor that suits you. Its constant blade exposure at +0.05mm ensures a precise shave and optimal safety with each pass. For those who are just starting out in choosing their GAP, the 1.0 proves to be an excellent compromise between softness and efficiency. The Maurice embodies French artisanal know-how serving the tradition of quality shaving.

La Faulx

La Faulx: Inspired by the classic design of an agricultural scythe, this single-edged razor with an Artist Club type blade is a jewel of French craftsmanship. Designed for experienced users, it requires certain mastery to provide an exceptional shave. Three levels of aggressiveness are available, allowing you to adapt the shave to your preferences. Its unique design and unrivaled cutting technology deliver incredible efficiency with every pass. La Faulx: the expression of the art of shaving for demanding connoisseurs.


Discover the art of refined shaving with our Vestige Razor head, a single-edged razor accepting GEM type blades, available in titanium, stainless steel or brass. Its futuristic and elegant design, combined with its customizable nature, makes it a preferred choice for lovers of traditional shaving. The razor benefits from innovations such as a design optimized for lightness, large recesses and a very low gap on the base plate, ensuring safety, efficiency and unrivaled foam evacuation. With the Vestige Razor Head, transform your daily ritual into a moment of sophistication.